Giochi online Abilita

Fruit Grab

Fruit Grab »

Fruit Grab is a game in which you make squares using fruits. You have to make rectangles or squares to keep on new fruits falling down. The more squares and rectangles you make the more fruits shower from above.


Concentrate »

Reveal the word piece by piece.

Summer Soaker

Summer Soaker »

Soak as many bullies as you can.


SuperSoilder »

Sidescrolling soldier game! Sweep back and forth controlling the enemy territory!

Todd's Games

Todd's Games »

Get all of the buttons in either the up or down position.

HS Mined Out

HS Mined Out »

Help Melvin cross the minefield and get to safety.

Aevarrons Coliseum

Aevarrons Coliseum »

Get into the ruthless battle arena and try to defeat all your opponents using various combo attacks.

Second Line the Game

Second Line the Game »

Explore a house as a fly

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Pharaoh's Tomb

Pharaoh's Tomb »

Collect as much gold as you can but avoid monsters. Action-Adventure ? Pharaoh's Tomb

Naive Town

Naive Town »

Stack 5 alike blocks to make a building.

Seconds Of Madness

Seconds Of Madness »

Surf the robot through the tunnel..

Galactic Invaders

Galactic Invaders »

3 Colored Invaders, 3 Cannons. Shoot the right colored aliens with the right cannon. Sound easy? Maybe not quite as easy as you think

Ewoks Annihilation

Ewoks Annihilation »

Kill The Ewoks!

BlackJack 2

BlackJack 2 »

BlackJack. Just like at the Casino.

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