Giochi online Abilita


Sparks »

Rotate the connectors using your mouse and get the sparks into the center.

Quiz Time with Chrono 4

Quiz Time with Chrono 4 »

Chrono gives you a test on more backgrounds from Super Nintendo games.

Stick in Twiddlestix

Stick in Twiddlestix »

The stick will rotate constantly. You task is to navigate the rotating stick safely through waterways without hitting the walls


Mindwarp »

Mindwarp is a simple game of memory - just follow the sequence.

Throw Ancient Stuff

Throw Ancient Stuff »

Isn't it fun to throw stuff at mummies?

Ant Buster

Ant Buster »

Defend your picnic from the ants. Stop them from getting to the cake.

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Hungry Hungry Hippos »

Get the balls

Fruity Shuffler

Fruity Shuffler »

Overdose on Vitamin C the fun way. Collect matching fruits, before your hopper overflows.

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Drop The Bomb

Drop The Bomb »

a slots bomb game

Fireman: Incoming Storm

Fireman: Incoming Storm »

A side scroller where you play as Fireman and must get through many levels.

Sea Assault

Sea Assault »

Control your battle ship and shoot all the enemy helicopters and submarines to defend your area. Try to collect falling green balloons to recharge your ammunition.

War Bears

War Bears »

Strategy... use the different characters to complete tasks, It's a tough game, but really neat!

GateGears Deluxe

GateGears Deluxe »

Create the required number of combinations before the Orc reaches the castle!


Smack-n-Bash »

Just like Whack-a-Mole, hit the things that pop up, but be careful, dangers lurke as you progress.

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