Giochi online Abilita

Koala Checkers

Koala Checkers »

Classic checkers board game, jump your pieces over the enemy and take all of them to win.

Raggit Extreme Danger

Raggit Extreme Danger »

Drive your mini jeep through deadly roadways and reach the finish line safely!


Kumkang »

The little mischievous raccoon is robbing all the shoes! The aim is to help him in his quest for shoes and also avoid him from getting caught or getting injured. Collect all the shoes to proceed to the next level.

Mysterious Dungeon

Mysterious Dungeon »

Try to get all the keys to open the doors. Find the skull key to open the skull door.

Flash Life Buoys

Flash Life Buoys »

Save as many people as you can from the ship

Rocket Bob

Rocket Bob »

Help Bob to jump from one platform to another using appripriate force and angle

Santa vs. Jack

Santa vs. Jack »

Santa has to deliver as many fancy dress costumes as possible before the time runs out. Watch out for Jack's savage icicle attacks and church towers as you fly through the skies aiming for chimneys to make the towns people's Christmas special.

Pimp my Face

Pimp my Face »

You are the plastic surgeon of the rich and beautiful. You have to make them as beautiful and sexy as possible by lip augmentation, cheek implant and eyelid surgery.

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Varmol Mayhem

Varmol Mayhem »

La Croix's herb garden is infested with dreaded Varmols! Keep the garden safe.

Electric Soldier Porygon
Hockey Shooter

Hockey Shooter »

How many goals can you score?

Fruit Fabriek

Fruit Fabriek »

a Jewel like game just now your playing with fruit


FreeCell »

you know what this is

Elroy Learns To Fly

Elroy Learns To Fly »

Help Santa teach Elroy how to fly...never mind teaching, just make him fly...

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