Giochi online Abilita

Fancy Pants Adventures

Fancy Pants Adventures »

Fancy Pants Adventures is a really fun platform game.


TwoThree »

Play a fun game. Aim at the numbers as they fall. You can only use the numbers 2 and 3, subtract them to zero. The game becomes increasingly difficult.

Xtreme Tugboating

Xtreme Tugboating »

Wouldn?t it be cool if you went fishing on a random water planet in a galaxy far far away? What if at the same time, powerful and mysterious rainbows randomly beamed out from the water? along with meteor showers and nuclear missiles targeting your planet

Rat Trap

Rat Trap »

Catch the filthy rodents before they eat all your cheese.


Klax »

Arrange the tiles dropping off a perpetually running belt.

Island Shot

Island Shot »

It`s sink or swim on the island. Can you "sink" enough baskets to win this game?

Halloween Hangman

Halloween Hangman »

Spooky hangman game

The Dukes of Hazzard Hold `Em

The Dukes of Hazzard Hold `Em »

Play a game of poker with Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke. When she runs out of money she changes to a different outfit.

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Double Deuce

Double Deuce »

Starting with a 100 card grid, remove pairs of cards to clear the board in the fastest time.


Dodge »

A game where you have to avaid hitting the balls coming at you

Cub Shoot 2

Cub Shoot 2 »

How well can you score outta 5 tries?

Chav Dancer

Chav Dancer »

Naked Ned loves to boogie so why not give him a hand.

Castle Cat 1

Castle Cat 1 »

First Ever Castle Cat game!!

3D Chess

3D Chess »

3D Chess

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