Giochi online Abilita

Alchemist Flame Out

Alchemist Flame Out »

Help Colonel Roy, the flame alchemist, to destroy the attacking hordes of chimeras using his flame.

Gone In 60 Seconds

Gone In 60 Seconds »

Steal expensive cars and drop them at the warehouse in 60 seconds without getting caught!

Jungle Jim

Jungle Jim »

Guide Jim, a little monkey through the jungle and collect fruits, avoiding the baddies and other traps.

Wrath II

Wrath II »

This game is not for the faint hearted or sensitive types. Play God and destroy all who displease you. Lots more to this game than the original Wrath game. Many new and wonderful ways to kill all life-kind on earth. Yay!

Caption Zambo

Caption Zambo »

A top secret file from US defence has been stolen by terrorists of Iraq. As CAPT. ZAMBO, your mission is to recover this file.

Rocket Booster

Rocket Booster »

Get fired out of a canon, and stay in the air for as long as possible! Power-ups increase speed, rings give you points and rocks slow you down. The less speed you have, the harder it is to stay airborne against gravity.


Fireballs! »

Stear the fireball without touching the walls.Kill Thrillsuckers to earn points!


Airwolf »

Shoot down your enemy first in this fighter game.

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Petty Theft Bicycle

Petty Theft Bicycle »

Run away from the cops after you steal a bike.

Cosmo Pilot

Cosmo Pilot »

In this game you need to assemble your rocket and blast off while blasting away rocks and boulders.

FlashTrek: Assault

FlashTrek: Assault »

Shoot down the incoming enemies using your phasers from the station, upgrade, and build ships.

Game with Death

Game with Death »

Avoid your bullets hitting the moving obstacles or it will rebounce on you.

Under the Sands

Under the Sands »

Utilizza il mouse per colpire i blocchi, cerca di prendere i blocchi bonus per acquisire poteri misteriosi!!!

Drifting Championships

Drifting Championships »

Unreal Racing Game. Skid out for points. Start your own league. Addictive!

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