Giochi online Abilita

Honey Trouble

Honey Trouble »

Make groups of 3 or more of the same colored bee ball to eliminate them. Eliminate all of the bee balls.

Battle Ships

Battle Ships »

Place your ships & destroy your enemies ships. Puzzle-Word ? Battle Ships

Reflex Shot

Reflex Shot »

Click the targets as quickly as possible to gain maximum points! You lose 500 points if you miss.


Flameout »

Dont let the Chimeras enter your circle!


Dizzy »

Next to the gamefield on the left is a 3 X 3 pattern. Look for the same pattern in your gamefield as quickly as possible and surround it with the square.

Sea Dogs

Sea Dogs »

Sink the enemys ship as soon as you can

Knee Surgery

Knee Surgery »

Replace a failing knee joint of seventy-six year-old man.

Prison Escape

Prison Escape »

It's World War II, you've been captured by the German SS during a covert mission in enemy territory. They transport you to a secret prison facility deep in Nazi Germany dedicated to extracting information from spies.

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Powerfox 3

Powerfox 3 »

Use foxs giant gloves to smash enemies, pick up guns, flamethrowers, throw bombs and fly helicopters.

The Missile Game 3D

The Missile Game 3D »

Fly through the holes in the obstacles to survive and reach the end of each level. The position of the mouse is the position of the missile within the tube.


Starface »

How to play Starface? Its so easy! Guess the Correct answer Not so easy!

Monster Truck Madness

Monster Truck Madness »

Use the Up/Down arrow keys to maneuver your way through the Monster Truck course.

Survivor - Retro 1980s type game

Survivor - Retro 1980s type game »

It's 2am, gran is in the kitchen making her famous cottage's a disaster waiting to happen! Your house catches fire and it's down to you to save the family. Using a variety of items (and a bit of quick thinking) you need to get all your family in

Invasion of The Galactic Goobers

Invasion of The Galactic Goobers »

Shoot down all the aliens!

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