Giochi online Abilita


Insurgo »

Your goal in this awesome physics-based tower building game is to build the tallest, largest, and strongest structure possible. Don't let it collapse. Click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to add a new pylon, click one bolt, then another to join them together. Try


Brik »

Align the colorful blocks falling down, in a groups, matching the shapes with them to make them disa


Parassault »

Go parasailing while trying to catch as many seagulls as possible. Be careful because you need to control your boat at the same time and there are plenty of obstacles. To catch a seagull the parasailer must knock the seagull into the boat.

Kill the Boss

Kill the Boss »

This is a simple stick-man fighting game.

IK Plus

IK Plus »

Use your sheild to block the balls


Flies »

Squash as many flies as you can to advance levels.

Flash Back

Flash Back »

Use the elevators to get to the top level.

Contra Snowfield Battle

Contra Snowfield Battle »

Classic Contra!

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Find People

Find People »

Can your spot the selected person in the crowd? Once you will find them click left mouse button on the person to move to the next level.


RaidenX »

The sequel to Raiden I and Raiden II, RaidenX is a 2D vertical-shooter Flash game. There are 8 levels and this new version allows you to save your game after each level. On the main menu of the game, go to "SETTING" then choose "DIFFICULTY."

Bow Adventure

Bow Adventure »

Princess Yaya has been kidnapped by the evil wizard Grizwald and is being held captive in Castle Doom (how original)! Your task, dear hero, is to save her from Grizwald's evil clutches and destroy his minions on the way.

Bomb It

Bomb It »

Blow up your opponents by placing bombs. A Bomberman game with random levels!


Levers »

Balance various items on the hangars. Keep them above the water.

Become the 16-Bit Wizard

Become the 16-Bit Wizard »

This is a challenging fun game that will test your knowledge about the popular SNES games. You've a chance to prove to the world that you're the Guru of SNES. There are a whopping 60 questions to test you in this game.

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