Giochi online Abilita

Refriger Raiders

Refriger Raiders »

Tom and Jerry Refriger Raiders - a cute Tom vs Jerry action game.

Stickman Sam 2

Stickman Sam 2 »

Guide stickman Sam in his first mission into the darkness and confront numerous zombies and evil creatures.

Hack Attack

Hack Attack »

Play a funny version of golf and try to shoot balls at the ball-retrieval cart moving around and des

Drakojan Skies

Drakojan Skies »

Futuristic flight game. Shoot down the enemies.

Taz`s Tropical Havoc

Taz`s Tropical Havoc »

Taz has landed on a lost tropical island. Help him avoid native hunters, find food and escape the island.

Merlin Christmas 2

Merlin Christmas 2 »

Santa's sleigh was sabotaged. Now Merlin is the only one able to rescue the presents.

Da Numba

Da Numba »

Clear the game field of numbered tiles by finding combinations that add up to Da Numba.

Gold Miner Classic

Gold Miner Classic »

Use the crane to try and reel in the gold. Classic and entertaining game.

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Daves Castle Hunt

Daves Castle Hunt »

Dave must collect the treasures.

Base Defender

Base Defender »

shoot the aircrafts coming towards your base

Merlin Christmas

Merlin Christmas »

Someone tried to sabotage christmas turning off the sparkling star at the top of christmas tree. Merlin has to turn it on. Help him!


Manifold »

Run. Jump. Bend gravity to your will. Dizzying heights and insurmountable slopes are no problem with the Gravitational Manifold Anomaly Device. Don?t get mad, get GMAD!

Soduku Solver

Soduku Solver »

This is a logical soduku solver written in Flash. It will solve many soduku problems but certainly not all.

Electricman 2 HS

Electricman 2 HS »

Knock out all your opponents before they do it to you!

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