Giochi online Abilita

Armor Picross

Armor Picross »

If you don't know how to play nonogram puzzles, please go to the "How to Play" screen, it's well explained.(over 1 hour of gameplay!). Fun Puzzle game that originated in Japan.

Escaping Paris

Escaping Paris »

Your mission is to help Paris escape from jail. First find the key to unlock the doors which is marked with green sign. Beware of the guard, don't let them see you or you gonna fail.

VG Cats: Orphanage Mission

VG Cats: Orphanage Mission »

Play as SplinterCell Leo and "help out" at the orphanage.

Heidi: Throw the bell

Heidi: Throw the bell »

Help Heidi to throw the bell as far as she can.


Destructionism »

Shoot and destroy everything...

Capture The Flag 2

Capture The Flag 2 »

Capture your enemies flag, try and return it to you base to score

BMW Driving

BMW Driving »

Guide the tricked-out BMW

Americas Army

Americas Army »

Nice Shooting Game

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Mysteriez »

Look around the room and try to find as many numbers as possible created out of objects.

Kiras Quiz

Kiras Quiz »

Answer the difficult questions to Kiras test and get her to take off her clothes

Kakto Otoshi

Kakto Otoshi »

This is a crazy and fun game where the object of the game is to use the hammer to chop the heels down of the ladies. To play the game, press the Hit button with your mouse to knock the blocks out from under the shoes. Try to hit the "bricks" on their cent

Elephant Boner Assault

Elephant Boner Assault »

In this game you go bump into people.


Aeroplane »

Avoid red bombs, collect green gems and blue shields. Good luck!

Arnys Battle

Arnys Battle »

Use your archaeologist to destroy the many many enemies.

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