Giochi online Abilita

Tony Hawks Underground 2

Tony Hawks Underground 2 »

Spray the tag areas

Escape the Apartment

Escape the Apartment »

Escape the flat before you starve. Gather items and use them to unlock the main door.

Flash Orbit

Flash Orbit »

Flash Orbit is a skill flash game. The principle is based on the gravitation which is a phenomenon by which all objects with mass attract each other. The aim of this game is to collect as dots as possible with the grey ball. To control this grey ball traj

Avatar Bending Battle

Avatar Bending Battle »

Err Do Battle

Taco Fu

Taco Fu »

Lets settle this once and for all. Meet in front of Taco Bell and battle this one out!

Smiley Puzzle

Smiley Puzzle »

In Smiley Puzzle you have to slide the smilies to match 3 of the same color. Make combos, earn bonuses, break locks, and fill up the big smiley within the time limit!

PacMan Platform 2

PacMan Platform 2 »

Pac Man broke free to take on the world of platform games! Flash back to this New GAME!

Tweety Zombies

Tweety Zombies »

Jump on the tweety zombies to send them back to the grave. Watch out for the bats!

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Bomber Kid

Bomber Kid »

Your aim is to cross the garden by destroying the monster tomatoes and bushes. Stay away from the mines and monster tomatoes or you lose 1 life. You have limited bombs, but you can collect bonus bomb packs on your way.

12 Swap

12 Swap »

Make 3 in a line to remove the tiles; 2 game modes available

Driving Mad

Driving Mad »

Your objective is to get a number of balls on the green Each level that number will go up by one!

Daffys Studio Adventure

Daffys Studio Adventure »

Daffy Duck in a studio adventure.

Gems : Hexic

Gems : Hexic »

Create groups of three of more gem colors to remove them and complete the set. This is a remake of Hexic Game.

Cute Cat Puzzle

Cute Cat Puzzle »

Play the cute cat puzzle game. Use the mouse to drag the puzzle pieces.

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